Wednesday, 30 March 2016

"Needs must" and all that - laundry, somewhat old school.

Crazy as it sounds to the modern, liberated

hahahahahahahaha ...

Oh, sorry. Let's try that again.

Call me crazy, but my happy place is here:

Can you smell that breeze?
On the back porch with my two (2!) lines watching our clothes and linens sway in the breeze, talking to the birds, looking over the garden to the (not shown here) forest behind us, the river behind that and the hills of the island beyond is as close as I ever come to church. God is here for me.

I love this so much that I deliberately don't have a clothes dryer. Because, you see, if I had a dryer it would make me lazy. I could do my laundry any time of day or night, whatever the weather, and I would. I would use the sucker, and then I wouldn't have these moments. I know the trained monkey inside me, you see, and given the chance those trained monkey "Western values" would have me take the "easy" way out of what we're taught is a dreaded task - laundry.

Of course, it's easy to love days like the one above, right? But this is March. One day it's pouring rain, the next it's -10C out there with the wind howling out of the northwest. And my happy place? It looks like this:


So although the day this was taken I got desperate and put those bedspreads out to air, the sheets themselves had to be dried inside. And that's tricky.

Yes, I know it's out of focus but you get the drift.
Nails in the beams. Hangers & clothespins. Wood stove. A rack. Not your typical "blog-worthy" basement now is it?

The bed corner, a subsection of the 'main room' of the basement. Not our bedroom, just a nice napping/escape from the world spot. More hangers & clothespins.

See, unlike just about every other housewifely blog out there, I aim to be realistic about the nitty gritty. Sometimes what we have to do, if we don't want to do the consumerism thing, ain't pretty. Sometimes, like the pic at the top, it's as pretty as can be. But most of the year, it's just .. well it's not romantic.

Nevertheless, having frozen my fingers and generated a sinus-ache from the wind just hanging those bedspreads to air (mental note, wear scarf on head next time), I also had a sweet bed, with no weird dryer-sheet chemical smell and best of all, no succumbing to monkey-brain consumerism, either.

To me, that puts the sweet in home sweetening.

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