Thursday, 10 March 2016

Where-in her husband raises his eyebrows in surprise

"So now it's three blogs??"

"Well doesn't it make sense? I have three sides to my personality, don't I?"

"At least three .. " and here the poor man's voice trails off. There's a twinkle in his eye though.

This is how it all began. My first blog, several years ago, was called Home Sweetening. In a fit of pique I deleted it and someone else snagged the name, but I see she's not doing anything with it. So, with the addition of a hyphen in the url, I hearby reclaim it.

Home Sweetening was the name of my home cleaning biz. I worked alone (mostly) for nigh on a decade, over the years collecting some wonderful families to work for. And I collected quite a few hints on cleaning, too. But most of all, I was learning about how homes work.

It's one of my loves, the home. Houses themselves are fascinating, almost alive in the way that they breathe (ventilation) and require care just like a living being. But of course it's really all about the people. What I found most of all about the people I worked for is that they didn't need a cleaning lady so much as just someone to look after them. It wasn't just about vacuuming.

The housewife is a dying breed, as we know. Even women who stay home to raise kids very often just don't have the skill set they need to keep an eye on everything that needs to have an eye kept on it. So, sadly, women (yes, I will be very politically incorrect in this blog and assume it is women reading) rely on  information from the media - which means, generally, spending money unnecessarily, and bringing gadgets and chemicals into the house.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessively "green". I am damn frugal though. And I'm aware of many of the dangers that most people aren't.  The traps and pitfalls of over-reliance on commercial products and consumerism have another, deeper layer of danger to them, the way it chips away at our independance.

An ongoing email thread with a friend, wherein we're getting into all our little tricks for thorough cleaning and frugal cooking, has been reminding me that this is an important subject, the home. There's a feedback loop between home and our well-being that needs discussing.

So .. yes, three blogs. Garbling the Dandelion, my wildcrafting and herbal medicine blog, is back up as of today. Falling into Grace, the not-so-easy-to-pin-down spiritual/woo blog continues and now good old Home Sweetening returns.

Yes. I feel good about this.


  1. Sure. Why not three (or more)?

    1. Ha! - Would that be personalities or blogs?

  2. Looking forward to reading more! Never knew there was 3 sides.😉