Saturday, 15 October 2016

brick ring

It's about 10x10
Feet that is, the square, and
The soil is good and rumpled.
I hope to add rocks, bury some of them.

Bury some rocks, yes, that's what I'll do.

I'm planting burdock
Planting burdock and burying rocks
(Because burdock loves an anchor)
In the the brick ring in the square.

You can believe in rocks; have faith in them
I mean, they will remain rocks.
I mean, you can smash a rock up
You can grind a rock down but all you get is littler rocks.
Still rocks.

And that's another thing rocks are good at right there.
Remaining still.

You know what you can't believe in? Words.
They're sloppy things
They slosh around
In a state of surface tension oversensitivity
That so belies their weight it's hard
Enough to wrap one's head around them
Let alone anchor one's roots.

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